Mari Marko


Hello! My name is Mari.

I'm founder and retoucher at Marko Retouch.

- How can I help you?

I do high-end retouching and color grading

for images in fields of beauty | hair | fashion | jewelry.

More than 5 years of professional experience.

- What is the style of my work?

My style is about natural and modern looking images.

Main goal is to make images perfect but not flawless, focused attention on details and colors.

I do only non-destructive manual editing to get gorgeous result with 'invisible editing' effect.

My working tools - adjustments layers, masking, dodge&burn and sometimes drawing of some details.

- My features?

In my opinion it's impossible to get great result without one important thing - loving your job!

I do love what I do for 100% or even more :)